About us


Gavacan Homes projects seamlessly integrate impeccable design and first-class workmanship with the very best of modern home technology and comfort thereby creating a bespoke living space fitted perfectly to your requirements.

At heart, the company is a family business and so it understands the importance of the home. This understanding drives the company’s passion for creating a living space that works effectively for all clients. Gavacan Homes conducts business at all times by deploying its core values of quality and integrity in working with clients.

Our story


Gavacan Homes was established forty years ago by its Managing Director, John Gavacan. His vision was to create a range of luxury homes that offered the client a more effective, comfortable and relevant a living space.

That vision has been embedded into the company’s ethos and embraced by the next generation of the family as well as the team of designers and builders who work together on each project. Gavacan Homes’ core values have been key in developing an impressive portfolio of truly extraordinary and individual homes for its clients.

Although the company has expanded over the decades to encompass a broader team of talent and expertise, including surveyors, designers, builders, craftsmen and technical experts, the family business is still the beating heart of the operation.

Gavacan Homes


Rooted in the community

The current pipeline of development projects is based in North-West London and surrounding areas. The decision to focus geographically enables the company to provide a deeper understanding of the local market for its clients while creating a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Using the latest construction techniques and materials, the company takes pride in creating homes for the future that are environmentally friendly, with a sharp focus on health and safety throughout the delivery of all projects.